MC Hammer

 Known in the eighties - nineties musician, rapper, dancer. Later - in the late nineties - the preacher. At the present time - a popular television presenter, a significant person in show business, businessman. MC Hammer (Stanley Kirk Berell) , winner of many awards. At the time, he was honored with awards such as the MTV Video Music Awards, Grammy, Brit Awards, and others.

  • Birthday : 3/30/1962, the
  • Age: 54 year
  • Place of birth : California, United States
  • Citizenship : SShA
  • Originalnoe Name: Stanley Kirk Berell

MC Hammer (Stanley Kirk Berell) was born March 30, 1962, in California. From a young age in sports. At one time Berell was in the famous baseball club Oakland Athletics. He had a special relationship with team owner Charlie Finley - Stanley was his "eyes and ears ". Berell informant was excellent and even got a nickname Pipeline (conductor). Berell long time dreamed of a professional baseball career, but the team was not found suitable for him, and Stanley went to serve in the Navy. It was excellent experience.

Then Berell earned the nickname MC, which means " Master of Ceremonies (Master of Ceremonies)".Upon his return from military service MC Hammer (Stanley Kirk Berell) began playing music in clubs, promoting its own brand.

Even before the start of the active musical career, formed a rap group MC - "This Wall".

In 1987, the year was released debut album artist - "Feel My Power", - which was subsequently sold in large quantities. In the spring of next year `s career took off MS. He received several offers from major record labels. Not surprising, because the style of a musician performance - combined with dance ability - was unique. Until the mid- nineties, MC Hammer (Stanley Kirk Berell) enjoyed great popularity and drove many fans crazy. His albums are still listed - among connoisseurs of rap.

In 1997, the year - just before the preaching service - MS participated in the popular talk show "The Oprah Winfrey Show",and participated in the creation of television series "Behind the Music".

In spite of the fact that MS still record albums, by the end of the nineties, his music was no longer as popular as before. A little later Berell became actively preach the Christian way of life - with new poems and songs. In the current period is a TV presenter and Stanley still pleases fans of their own new projects.

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