Vladimir Alenikov

 Unrated you can not get the money, and without money you can not invite stars

Hollywood today - is, above all, eight large studios, what is called Major studios. They themselves produce films themselves they rolled ,producing about 12 films a year each.

The removed recently in Hollywood, a new picture of Vladimir Alenikova " Pistol from 6 to 7:30 pm " while looking only competition and selection committees of various festivals, and look, I must say, nebezrezultatno. The movie has already received the prize of the World Festival in Montreal,award for best film at the International Film Festival of author film in Belgrade, prizes at international festivals in Quebec and Tiburon. Picture invited to display this summer at the Moscow Film Festival and the traditional festival to be held in St. Petersburg.

" Gun from 6 to 7:30 pm " maycause a different assessment of a wide audience. In my opinion, this movie brings a fundamentally new, fresh, largely polemical paint a huge palette of Hollywood filmmaking. In the unpretentious contemporary everyday stories, for which we are watching in real time ,- All recreated in the events of life and on the screen there is exactly one hour and a half - has great social and moral, unusual for many Hollywood films meaning.

The film is made unusual and technically (chief cinematographer and co-producer - Kirill Davidoff) . Kinoillyuziya real life created by shooting a single plan ,without mounting gluing. Such scenes in the film only fifteen ; cuts should only appear where on the screen changes the scene.

Script writer, producer and director of the painting " Gun from 6 to 7:30 pm " Vladimir Alenikov with selected cast their team talks about the lives of ordinary Americans today ,and talks about them really and truthfully, with no taint of glorification, lzheromantiki, taste thrillers and westerns than often suffers from a Hollywood production. Surprisingly subtle play in the film actors Jack Forbes (Victoria), Jeremiah Hassemer (Jin) , Tamara Tana (Anna) Valerie Dillman (Christie`s) and other key performers and bit parts. Special sympathy Forbes calls Jack a hero ; audience imbued with his concerns, experiences, even, it seems, begins to hear his inner monologues.

The picture of Vladimir Alenikova no obligatory " happy ending. " The gun, which Victor so quickly and easily bought in a suitthe shop, turned out to be a symbol of the terrible, fatal. Reflective, troubled hero becomes a weapon just for self-defense ; he is convinced that it must be done. But it turns out that this is the gun causes the tragically early death of the hero. ..

I was lucky : the day watching the movie " The pistol with 6 to 7. 30 pm "Vladimir Alenikov agreed to be interviewed.

- Vladimir, tell us, please, how did your collaboration with Hollywood ? How did you managed to get there ?

- In 1989 I made the first in the Soviet Union, the Jewish musical drama " drayman and the King " based on Isaac Babel storiesand a year later the picture was invited to Los Angeles International Film Festival, which conducts the American Film Institute. The film aroused great interest, was extensive and good press. For me, the man went to the West for the first time and got to Hollywood, in his best dreams, not even dream about it, it was just amazing. The Americans praised me loud and enthusiastic, I`m such words never heard at home. And I started to handle the supply of US producers. By this, I was totally unprepared, I`m used to the fact that I do not allow and will not allow it. And now here invited to Hollywood. .. I was at that moment, as I now understand ,too naive and did not understand much. It seemed to me that my " drayman " was still a sign of change in Russia, I already had his next script that I was going to shoot. And all the offers I then said, no thank you, I have my own plans, if you want to participate in them, please, invest in my project. And here is one of the producers read my new script and said that they will fund it, but filming the movie will be in English, and the main role is played by a large American actor. I agreed, and so there was my first American picture. She has three names. In Europe it is known as "The Clearing" (" Purification") ,in America - "Time of Darkness" (" Time of Darkness ") , and in Russia - " Feofania that draws death." The main roles were played by George Segal and Tamara Tana. It was such a little mystical story from the life of a small village in the twelfth century at the crossroads of late paganism and early Christianity. The picture came out, and I immediately offered to teach directing, in LosAngeles University, that all was amazing. I agreed, and in the course of teaching, first of all, he learned a lot. These two years have been incredibly important, I carefully prepared for each lecture and learn what had not the slightest idea.

- But you already had considerable experience in different cinematic genres ?

- The thing isThat there is a huge difference in understanding and essentially cinematic process in America and in Russia. Here, even the most talentless director absorbs as mother`s milk, the necessary professional basics. Ford, for example, invented the motor (Vladimir Alenikov apparentlyslip of the tongue - the first workable internal combustion engine patented German inventor Nikolaus Otto -taught Augustus, in 1866, when Henry Ford was 3 years old - approx. Ed.) , and the motor still running, because it is very well conceived. Models vary, but the motor principle is still the same. Same thing in the film. Hollywood has developed a mechanismThrough which runs a movie. In Russia, unfortunately, do not know, everything is time reinventing the wheel. A mechanism for this you just need to learn to understand how it all to one another and how the lapped. When I was first told about this, I stood up on its hind legs. It turns out that the film should be a couple of hours ,the fifth minute of the first turn should occur on the tenth - the second, on the fifteenth - or that, at the thirty-fifth - that and so on. The structural formula is clearly established. At first I objected : it can not be. And I said, here, take some your favorite movie and view from this point of view. And I was surprised ,that all outstanding films are ideally suited to this circuit. Including the best Russian, such as " Ballad of a Soldier " - a perfectly built a Hollywood movie. Although the young Gregory wins and then just come from the war, I had no idea about the structure and did everything, relying only on his talent and intuition. Or novel "The Bell" in " Andrei Rublev " Tarkovsky, I show it to students and now as the perfect example of the aligned Hollywood film for the drama, on the functioning of the characters, and so on. So, I was going through their universities, and the more I taught others, the more he learned, the more I realized that I still know very little.- And how was your life more in America?

- Of course, I did all sorts of attempts to remove the new movie. It turned out that all this is very difficult, for two years I have not received any offers. Break was extremely difficult : in Hollywood Feed fierce competition, the people here are torn from around the world. A work only teacher I have become bored. At this time in Russia grew tuning changes, I began to call back. And I`m back. Immediately I began working in Russia, and spent five years there is very active. I had my own company, which released a number of programs, films, TV series, commercials. I did the first time in the country`s television series "Kings of the Russian detective " in the memoirs of the famous Russian detective Arkady Kashko, played by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. He took off the series, which was called " the great love " with Nicholas Karachentsov and Tamara Tana, where they are in each new film playing other characters, we did these 12 episodes. There was a whole series of works. Actively engaged and social activities. When Rolan Bykov died, I was elected in his place and began to lead the committee of the Union of Cinematographers on children`s cinema. I fell on some serious concerns and responsibilities. For the first time in my life I began to sit in some of the Commission acting in the Duma and in other places. I,first of all, I tried to recover completely destroyed the country`s children`s cinema. His, by the way, still exists. Someone help, someone supported, in general, did what he could. Still, I - the director, and I would like to put to shoot. I made a huge labor picture, and it turned out that all that I suspected, so actually happening.

- What do you have in mind?

- First of all - the situation of children in Russia, it is appalling. In Moscow today, about 50 thousand children from 8 to 15 years - homeless living knows where. In Russia, more than half a million drug users in this age group. Not a week goes by where there is not any slaughter of juvenile gangs ,where children cut and kill each other. This talk is not accepted, it is not advertised. Institutions that formerly dealt with the children, completely destroyed. Children`s room the police no longer exist, the school no longer bear any responsibility for the child, in which case the child simply thrown out of school. No special organizations such as Pioneer also does not exist. Teens actually their own. I made a picture that brought in Chicago last year, it was called "War Princess ". While this is an unfinished version, and will be able to if I ever finish the picture - I do not know. Because it was too severe ,too serious. This is a film about modern children, a kind of remake of " West Side Story. " The modern version of "Romeo and Juliet ", but I have a girl - Russian, but the boy - Caucasian. The city in which the action takes place, divided between rival local children and refugees from the southern republics. Adults in this picture is not at all. It turnedThat no one who financed the film, nor a number of other people are not interested in entering the picture. I practically force there in Russia right away, I tried to defend the film, even went to the president. Everything happened with the movie "War Princess ", was for me a deep trauma. Help me to have only ,that the protection of the very serious threats, because it came already to the possible crime.

- And you decide to leave again?

- Yes, it was two and a half years ago. I walked away from all Russian positions and posts, closed his company. A new round of my American life. He started from scratch, during which time all ties, of course ,They were lost, it was necessary to restore them again. But everything happened in the general good. I was taken back to the University, where I teach today. I was given complete freedom, I`ll choose my courses, he took away students. April 5, for example, I started a specialized course on the director with the actors ,on it I will be a man 20 actors and 10 directors. I `m more specialized advanced training course for directors. We`re talking there about how to make the film a unique, unlike any other, because Hollywood, unfortunately, suffers from great monotony. The professional level is by far the highest in the world ,but the scheme is often a stamp pattern. In parallel, I went back to the cinema and now here in Chicago brought her second American film, which is called "The Gun from 6.00 to 7.30 p.m.". So he called because all of its action takes place during these one and a half hours, and it is shot in real time.That is, the camera almost continuously follows the characters, the film almost never cut. This is a very difficult job in terms of what is happening synchronization. If the usual pattern of about 700-800 assembly gluing, in this film there are only 15. I think that this is the first time in history, when the director of the Russian painting made entirely in America.I was also the producer of this film, and writer, and editor. Of course, very successfully I worked here Konchalovsky, but it has always worked for someone else. And I learned from bitter experience, decided that no one will no longer want to work, and the picture we made at your own risk. Investors have come and helped us in the course of work. Now the " pistol with 6 to 7. 30 pm " only begins its life, passes the so-called festival circle. At the same time we began to work with the rental company, which is headed by Eugene Chaplin. Son of the great Chaplin enthusiastically refers to our picture.

- Tell us, please, how do you come to the cinema ? How and where to start?

- The question is quite natural. Because you are probably well aware that the Jews at that time in Russian cinema is simply not allowed. Many Jews - directors had already left (Kalik, Gabay, Friedman and others). Between me and the previous directors - Jews (Mitta, Motyl and others) , the difference is about 17 years.

Knowing all this ,I decided to go to a strange way and started making movies himself. Now it is quite normal, and then, in the 70s, in the absolute state monopoly that was crazy. I earned some money literary translation from French and Spanish, and all this vbuhali in his first picture. I bought the camera, the film, the rest of the filming ,I bought from operators. A leased equipment, processed film on the same "Mosfilm", passing it off as fragments of other pictures. At night, sitting in the editing room until six in the morning, the ruble paid caretaker. So I made my first film, "The Garden", which starred Vladislav Dvorzhetsky Innocent Smoktunovskij, Yevgeny Zharikov, Elena Nightingale and others.The film could not go anywhere, but was filmed professionally on 35mm film with famous actors. But he was taken out of the state. And I`m still trying to someone to show him. I remember when the Americans came to the private view, and then offered to open an account in my name for 50 thousand dollars.Instead, I had to give a negative film for printing and release it in the West. I walked all night with glowing cheeks and thought what to do. On the one hand, I wanted to be famous, the other - did not want to go to prison, it was quite real. And I refused. "Garden" film was shown only 17 years after it was made. The premiere was in Moscow in the Cinema House on the evening of memory Dvorzhetsky. While I have made a film "Komitas" of the tragic history of the great Armenian composer, gone mad during the massacre, he took off with the help of the Armenian Catholicos. She starred in the studio officially, but was not released. And my last " and underground " picture was called "Room of laughter. " Her frankly I did in order to go to the West. I shot this film with young actors, there were scenes, demonstrated a clear anti-Semitic policy of the state at the time. Blended and all kinds of family circumstances, a son ,it had to be fed, the money ran out long ago. And I began to write and publish children`s stories are different. We met a wonderful man Alexander Khmelik, and there was a magazine "Jumble ". I worked there for several years, took about 30 plots. There, in the " Jumble " and my characters were born and Vasechkin Petrov ,which I later made films at the Odessa film studio. I managed to make another picture " There was a piano tuner ," " right people ", " dissimilar ". And last work before my first departure for the West was the film " drayman and the King", about which I have spoken.

- Did you work in Hollywood. What hides behind the word is included in this concept - Hollywood?- Hollywood today - is, above all, eight large studios, what is called Major studios. They themselves produce films themselves they rolled, producing about 12 films a year each. The budgets of these films completely crazy. The average budget of each - about 80 million ,based advertising and other things in the picture can take up to 120 million. Fees unheard, stars get up to 30 million per film. It`s continued to grow and grow, and yet pays for itself. There are medium and also well-known companies, but not the principal, not the basic, such as " Miramax ", " New Line " and others.And then go about 500 independent companies that make small paintings with low costs. It`s - main products. Hollywood makes about 600 films a year, who earn money throughout the world. Independent cinema today also increased in price, but, nevertheless, there are films that are being made, and for half a million ,and over 300 thousand. The main problem in the start-up of films that, without stars you can not get the money, and without money you can not invite stars. Therefore, the entire Hollywood all the time busy looking for money. Number of projects far exceeds the financing possibilities. This breaks the vicious circle in every one. If you have agreed to star staryou can safely go to the investors. The hunt for the stars, their prior consent is at all times very intense, but it`s not easy, because the star is constantly guarded by three people : an agent, manager and lawyer.

- Do you follow the novelties of cinema in Russia ? What is happening there?

- I think,the main problem of the Russian cinema - it`s a problem of direction. In the last decade the Russian cinema was in very poor condition. The old masters were gone, many are not in a form that was once. On the surface came a generation absolutely unprofessional people. Cinema had taken off all and sundry : who took the money ,and the director. Now the situation has become a little bit to improve. Perhaps we can say that today the Russian cinema is experiencing a certain revival of the process. Began to appear serious work, serious names, declares itself the new generation of filmmakers. Among the bright, in my opinion, the latest movies - "Boomer", where writer Denis Rodimin ,with whom we wrote "War Princess ". Shiny, from my point of view, the last picture of Vadim Abdrashitova " Magnetic Storms ", an interesting film, " The Return", about which he wrote a lot, "Koktebel ", " Last Train " the young German. Nothing like in the Russian film industry for many years at this level did not occur. For me this is a sign of a serious revival. But the problem of the Russian direction, it seems to me, is still the same - they work on intuition. In America, every director knows exactly all the mechanics of the process, all the laws and requirements of spectacular drama - it is ready for this. He knows how to tell a story, rather than just take pictures. Hollywood came up with a scheme how to make a movie, and all it is necessary to examine this scheme, so it seems to me.

- The last question - the literary plan. Recently I released and instantly broke your new novel. What is he talking about?

- My latest novel is called " The search for love." He seems to be born from the play, which I originally wrote and staged in Moscow with the entreprise. We went with this performance in many cities of Russia, and the audience warmly welcomed him, laughing, crying. .. And when it ended, I was sorry to part with this story. I decided to write a novel, the idea gradually grew, the work was about three years, and in the end, we got this kind of, I think, " Decameron". It`s a like matryoshka, every time you open it, and there is something else, something more and more. The novel can be compared, although it is, of course, immodestly, with the film " 8 and a half ", where Fellini are mixed all - dreams and fantasies and reality. .. "The search for love" - a kind of cocktail of memories hero of his dreams, his real life, not only it,but also other love stories of his films (after all, the hero - the director) and the like. Feedback is very good, I have received many letters from strangers. Circulation whole already sold, buy a book, unfortunately, is impossible. In this novel suggests to remove the series in Russia.

I am writing a sequel.The new novel is called " The endless search for love. " He tells about the life of the main characters of the first novel in a few years. There already appears a lot. Because if " Finding Love" - a thing still a little nostalgic, there`s a lot of the past, the new novel I talk only about today. At the same time I confess ,that I already have, and a new film project - screenplay based on the book of a woman who survived the Holocaust in the Netherlands, where it is five years with her husband hid from the Germans. Now they live in California. Her book describes all these years, a terrible life. Here in this scenario I am going to shoot his next film.

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