Saint Vitus

 Despite the fact that the "Saint Vitus" were one of the top American teams style of doom, the group throughout their careers pursued by the indifference of the general public and the lack of commercial success. The project was founded in 1979 in Los Angeles, and at first was called "Tyrant".The original lineup included vocalist Scott Ridzhers, guitarist Dave Chandler, bassist Mark Adams and drummer Armando Acosta.

 The sign "Tyrant" did not last long and was soon replaced by the "Saint Vitus". The name is derived from the name of a medieval saint (in addition, the "Black Sabbath" was the song "Saint Vitus Dance").Although in those years in the United States dominated the hardcore trend, the group only slightly yielded to them, and that at an early stage. The basic course has been taken on the compositions in the spirit of "Black Sabbath" and "Pentagram". Simple, but at the same power chords ,Chandler intricate solos and drums for the musicians of ultra believes is best suited to their gloomy lyrics.

Saint VitusV 1984 they released their first disc "Saint Vitus". This self-titled mini-album contains five songs and included later became a classic doom "White magic

/ Black magic " and " Burial at sea ".The album was released on the label "SST Records", founded by guitarist "Black flag" and the other "Saint Vitus" Greg Ginn. In 1985, the band released two CDs - EP "The walking dead" and full-length "Hallow`s victim". Despite this high productivity, concerts group remained obscure. It came to ,that some statements "Saint Vitus" was attended by 50 people.

The press also ignored the doom of California, and in 1986 left disappointed Ridzhers. Instead, his team was headed by a former leader of the " Obsessed " Scott " Wine " Veynrih. The debut of new singer took on the album "Born too late",the title track of which was a role model for many doom teams.

Saint VitusPosle mini- album "Thirsty and miserable" published full-length work "Mournful cries", brought "Saint Vitus" known on the European continent. This CD is the latest release of the group on the "SST",after which the team moved to the label of "Hellhound records". Issued on it studiynik "V" and a retrospective live album "Live" team did not give anything even remotely resembling a commercial success. As a result, tired of failed attempts to reform the wine was gone "Obsessed". Also in 1991, the company "SST" released a compilation of the best things ,"Heavier than thou".

However, this was not the end of "Saint Vitus". In 1992 engaged by the role of frontman Christian Linderssona, the team recorded "C.O.D." album. Needless to say, that he was waiting for the same fate as the previous releases. In 1995, "Saint Vitus" gathered in original line-up and played their swan song ("Die Healing"),followed by the name of " St. Vitus " has disappeared from the horizon of the metal.

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