Red Krayola

  •  Year of birth : 1966
  • Age: 49 years
  • Place of Birth : Houston, Texas, USA
  • Citizenship : United States

Psychedelic avant-garde rock band from Houston, Texas (Houston, Texas), based at the University of St. Thomas student (University of St.Thomas) in 1966 year. The leader of the group was a singer, guitarist and artist Mayo Thompson (Mayo Thompson), except it were part of the drummer Frederick Barthelme (Frederick Barthelme), the future novelist and author of short stories, and Steve Cunningham (Steve Cunningham). Their work was a precursor to such areas as punk and know- Veyv in NewNew York (New York City) in 1980.

The group worked in such genres as noise rock, psychedelic, instrumental music, and, from time to time, folk and country within the subculture the DIY, which presaged the arrival on the music scene controversial aesthetic style Lo-Fi, which in the 90`s increasingly they sought many American indie rock band - however,many of them had to go for it and were forced to put a good face on a bad game.

Critics of the group works were often diametrically opposed, from the completely positive to strongly negative. So, the critic Alex Lindhart (Alex Lindhardt) wrote: ` This is a group that has no idea how to play their instruments. Actually,they do not even know what kind of instrumenty`.

Thompson continued to use the name of the group for their musical projects, but changed the letter ` S` in the word ` `Crayola` on k`, although at the hearing, nothing has changed. Between 1967 and 2010 the band released 22 albums in different formulations.

In 1966, the band signed a contract with the `International Artists`,house label their brethren, psychedelic rock musicians from the group `The 13th Floor Elevators`, who runs Lela Rogers (Lelan Rogers), brother of country musician Kenny Rogers (Kenny Rogers).

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967, the label released a psychedelic album `Parable of Arable Land`, where six songs ,created three original band members, interwoven with the cacophony generated about five dozen anonymous followers, known as `The Familiar Ugly`. Frontman `13th Floor Elevators` Roky Erickson (Roky Erickson) appeared on the album as a guest ,playing the organ for the composition of the recording `Hurricane Fighter Plane` and harmonica to record ` Transparent Radiation`. The title track of the album is a sequence of electronic sounds superimposed on top of the musical improvisations that foretell an unusual exit of the second album.

In 1967-m was recorded minimalist album `Coconut Hotel`, but the label rejected it because of the low commercial potential -` Red Krayola` fully hit in the experiments and moved away from the more traditional rock sound of their first album, which still had a guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals. The album managed to release only in 1995. In the same period, the band played a concert in Berkeley, California (Berkeley, California), where musicians microphone strapped to a sheet of aluminum foil, which bylustanovlena in block of melting ice. The performance was recorded and published in 1998 as `Live 1967 (Red Krayola)`.The group also performed with guitarist John Fahey (John Fahey) and recorded in cooperation with the full-length studio album, but the label`s head of Lela Rogers, said ownership of the film and documentation, and since then they are missing.

In 1968-m saw the light of the official second album, `God Bless the Red Krayola and All Who Sail with It`, something between ` Parable of Arable Land` and `Coconut Hotel`, but it was not a commercial success, and the basic structure of the group broke up - and Thompson, meanwhile, recorded a solo album `Corky`s Debt to His Father`,which many considered the pearl of inadvertent creation `Krayola`, although apart from him, none of them participated in the recording. Thompson went on to study music and under his own name and under the name of `Red Krayola`, and eventually teamed up with London`s conceptual art group ` Art & Language`, resulting in the 70 and 80-x steel five albums under the name `Red Krayola`.

In the 90s the group has acquired a new audience thanks to the Chicago post-rock scene and especially the label `Drag City`, which left a number of her records

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