Rakesh Agrawal

 What they say and think top managers ?

Rakesh Agrawal - a former employee of the company `PayPal`, who was fired because of a few offensive posts in his blog on Twitter. This story, however, does not end with dismissal, as Rakesh, losing a job ,I decided to finish the job - to go to war in the social networks, taking their weapons all the secrets of the lowest of the big business world.

If the user name Rakesh Agrawal is unfamiliar, then in California (California), where the focus offices of the world`s largest companies, he is known and respected. More precisely, Rakesh respected ,because after his drunken riot Internet most companies, following the management`s decision `PayPal`, condemned his action and, consequently, ordered his way into the business world - it does not forgive mistakes. However, he Agrawal, as it turned out, has decided not to simply accept his fate - and the subsequent unemployment,- But to draw the attention of the national news media and openly go to war against their own colleagues now become his mortal enemies. Of course, his statements often take extremely radical character, but often they are true ; in particular, the former top manager `PayPal` spoke about hypocrisy in the companies ,the hierarchy of employees and stereotypes that still live business.

Rakesh Agrawal is now preparing to establish a new company, in which, according to him, did not enter a single person from the environment and that will bring positive change.

In early May, 2014-Rakesh Agrawal year flew to New Orleans (New Orleans) to the annual Jazz Festival (New Orleans Jazz Fest). The festival is known throughout the world not only for its music but the incredible atmosphere of the American South, which, of course, is impossible without alcohol. Last, most likely ,and was the last straw for the disillusioned working in `PayPal` Rakesh. 

Just a few minutes in his blog posts appear offensive to the company, and names began to appear soon ; so, one of the managers named ` useless piece. .. menedzhera` ,and another employee are less fortunate - in its description Agrawal did not replace the last word, and leave the expression in its original form. Most of the messages were written at night and in the morning they have been successfully removed, but thanks to the efforts of several blogger posts photos still remain, and soon appeared in the public domain. First accused Rakesh its new mobile phone, confessing that his assistant posts were intended - but that excuse only aggravated the situation. 

Soon the news came to the company, which reported that from this moment Rakesh Agrawal is leaving the post occupied and now will never appear in the walls of the company izfor their behavior. On this Rocky - it is under this pseudonym be remembered in the company - said that he had tendered his resignation, but for offensive messages yet apologized to his boss - but they were not accepted. It is this kind was the beginning of the war in social networkswhich is just a few days made Rakesh Agrawal`s most famous manager dismissed because of their online behavior in the world. 

In his messages he decided to tell users that the behavior of employees in large companies is hardly different from the behavior of children in school: the constant squabbles, flattery, treachery - and this is only the beginning. As it turned out, the thought of top managers of the company is hardly different from those that are carried over the heads of low-skilled workers, the same vocabulary is even stored in them. He also said that in the near future is going to set up his own company, for which he already has a perfect team. ` None of my brilliant team will not work in Facebook, as most of them far beyond the 40`, - he said Agrawal and immediately refuted the myth of two business world: 1. The team of experts is required to be ` zvezdnoy` ; 2. Business do younger workers.

Of course, it is difficult to talk about the future Rakesh Agrawal ,but one thing is certain - he found a way out of a completely hopeless situation. For the complete success it remains only to establish a successful project, but, as experience shows, in this step, and most of the business goes bust.

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