Killswitch Engag

 After leaving in 1998 with his previous band "Overcast", bassist Mike D`Antonio began the selection of companions who would help him make the right batch of heavy metal and hardcore.Thoroughly prosherstit Massachusetts underground, in the summer of 1999, Mike discovered the first suitable candidate.

They were participants in "Aftershock", drummer Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Strotsel guitarist. A little later in their company appeared vocalist Jesse Leach (ex- "Corrin", "Nothing Stays Gold"),and formed the quartet was named "Killswitch Engage". Four first attracted attention when she had a chance to warm up the Swedish touring "In Flames". These concerts saw representatives of the label "Ferret Records", and aggressive feed material "Killswitch Engage" them so interested, that has not been without a contract.

In June, 2000-of the debut disc, which had only positive feedback. Heavy galloping riffs, vocals, ranging from growls to howling hyena like, a good combination of hardcore and melodic metal have done their job, and soon the musicians were already under roof "Roadrunner Records".Killswitch EngagePosle to enter into a new transaction structure was expanded by another member of "Aftershock", Thomas Gomez (drums) , and Dutkiewicz has returned to a more familiar tool for him, ie, the guitar. In 2002 he was born the second album, "Alive or Just Breathing", which caused even more admiration than the debut. Despite this fact ,soon resigned Jesse Leach, tired of touring life and began to fear for his vocal cords. New vocalist "Killswitch Engage" I became Howard Jones, who managed to steal from the ranks of "Blood Has Been Shed". This fellow made his debut on the tour "Road Rage", when a group of Anglo- Dutch plowed expanses in the company of " 36 Crazyfists ".

In 2003, the team recorded the song "When Darkness Falls", heard in the soundtrack - horror film "Freddy vs. Jason", and also took part in the infamous " Ozzfest ". Almost immediately after the Gomez of the festival with his wife umotal in Los Angeles, where they organized their own team "Something of a Silhouettte".Killswitch EngageZamena drummer found a fairly simple - Jones has invited a group of his friend and former partner in "Blood Has Been Shed" Justin Foley. After the tour, "Headbangers Ball" team engaged in the preparation of their third album, which was released in May of 2004. "The End Of Heartache" made its debut on the 21 - th line in the charts "Billboard",and also hit the Australian and UK Top 40. In support of the disc "Killswitch Engage" had a tour in the company of "Anthrax" and "Soilwork", in which visited Australia and Japan. Later the group was entrusted with opening concerts of "Slayer", and then "KSE" moved into the category with heating headliners of "From Autumn to Ashes"," 18 Visions" and " 36 Crazyfists ".

While the team cut circles around the world, her song "The End Of Heartache" was included in the soundtrack of "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" and was nominated for " Grammy " in the category of "Best Metal Performance". Most of the 2005 team spent touring ,and in the autumn one of the concerts was released on DVD under the title "(Set This) World Ablaze".

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