Killah Priest

 Place of birth : Brooklyn, United States

Citizenship : United States


Killah Priest -a person who, as well, and the whole clan creators of the East Coast, conquered for this musical current title of " intellectual ".

Priest spent his childhood in poverty environment. Despite this guy always felt your inner wealth. He valued life and dedicated it to the search for the causes of human suffering. This quest led him to the holy books : ". .. I read all the books of Job. .. instead of hoping for a lucky break, opened the Bible. .. I studied to pain in his eyes. .. ". His study Priest combined with the lessons of art ownership rhymed word from his friend Gary Grice, who is also - Gza / Genius, who once invited the Priest in the studio ,where he met with Clifford Smith (Method Man) and Dennis Coles (Ghostface Killah). Thanks to its MS - preacher potential instantly became a member of a huge family WU. In 1995, when he appeared on the solo album Gza "Liquid Swords", reading in the song "4th Chamber", fake MS realized that this man came to rap for a long time, which means they can not live. His part of the text Priest expressed his contempt for those who grabs the rap, hunting for a great name, who ". .. as a quadriplegic, jerking limbs ", muttering something under his breath and saliva flooding microphone demonstrates verbal silence. Priest also read with GRAVEDIGGAZ and Ol` Dirty Bastard on their albums. Breaking furtherhe appeared on the song "Greyhound Part 2 " at the John Spencer "Blues Explosion". Meanwhile, in 1993, Priest, joining Prodigal Sunn, 60 Second Assassin and Hell Razah, creates a group SUNZ OF MAN, was incorporated into the coalition WU-TANG CLAN. Rappers write an album that is not released, but after appearing on the Priest "Liquid Swords" WU-TANG produces single group, thus confirming its status syle.

In 1998, the world shakes the long-awaited debut album Killah Prist`a "Heavy Mental", which was produced by True Master and THE 4th DISCIPLE and included a guest appearance warriors WU (Ol`Dirty Bastard, Inspectah Deck, Gza).Savvy wonderful melodies and hard beats 20 songs in the album - a journey into the subconscious mind of the creator, of attack, causing fear among the false MS, the saga of the past, present and future, songs, absorbed the soul of Priest, his inner world, experiences, biblical tales and history.Poetic abilities Priest envy is not a hip-hop hero - he expresses his thoughts in the best traditions of symbolism. To understand it, ". .. it will take time and knowledge base. .. ". Wanting to penetrate into the depths of meaning, the listener will play this masterpiece on their stereo again and again. Desperate attempts somethingthe change in the material world, the creator, breaking away from the Earth, is committed to space (the symbol of his spiritual world) search for answers. Not a single song Priest tells about these meditations, mental journeys. He meets with the biblical prophets, with Christ divided the bread turns into a bird, erecting temples to Mars,flying on spacecraft enters into the future, repent for the sins and crimes. Thoughts - this is the area where he was running away from vices, filth and horrors of modern life. This theme runs through the entire album "Heave Mental", through each saga ode line, it is impregnated with each of its sound. One of the main objectives Killa Priest -wake the sleeping mind, revive the human consciousness. Song "Tai Chi" - it calls for mental development, spiritual self-improvement. On this difficult path Priest acts as a conductor, which will help the listener to bypass the negative side.

Not least in the album is the theme of the struggle with falsehood in hip-hop. Yes Yes,surprisingly many domestic MS, who are always right or wrong bite pop, wasting precious word, and thus leaving the MS - slobs satisfied, it is. It is time to follow the example of these hip- hop warrior. Priest can not tolerate ". .. rappers East that want to become gangsters " and ". .. the West gangsters that want to rap... ", Those who care only about their glory, black rap, pulling him in stupefaction of the brain process of young people. With the help of his songs Priest " squeezes out from among them and buries ", but only after making sure that they are more than a mile to rap does not come close.

Tracks "One Step" and "Then Till Now" - the story of how life has changed people`s Priest after his enslavementAs wealth and wisdom turned to hunger, cold, poverty, crime, mental weakness. Rapper pain reports that ". .. once the children grow up in the beautiful lilies, and now - the gray walls. .. ". The same theme can also be seen in the song "Blessed Are Those", blesses thosewho suffers " comes home with aching muscles and scarred faces, scratched fingers. " Comparing the ghetto with " rotten wormy apple ", where sit on the throne money Priest asks for help from the Lord God, if people die in sin. The main idea of the saga "B.I.B.L.E." directed against those who use faith in God for profit ,here the enemies Priest - Priests, takes from the poor the last crumbs of bread. It condemns religion for the fact that for centuries they were ". .. only separated people from each other. " Priest despises vicious women, suiting the action in support of abortion, and fools shall be destroyed world. He gives knowledge, advises to look for answers in the Bible to ". ..and learn to be wise in the time of darkness. "

" Addicts with rotten breast ", " hungry children, kidneys and lungs which are visible " through the skin, blood money, unfeeling representatives of the law, " false friends, take the shape of snakes ," - it tells the song "Mystic City". Priest tells the world that the God made him a prophet of the ghetto, ". Moses ". This is not the only song of the terrible human life in kennels, Priest was born and grew up on the street, it is the street itself, her voice, and he takes it with him whenever the microphone is in his hands.

The only love in life is wisdom Priest. It he dedicates an ode to "Wisdom". Nothing in the world, he says, can not be compared with it ,even with her ruby - cheap.

Releasing "Heavy Mental", Priest continues to soar up, and in 2000 he returned with a new name Mesada (which stands for " situations and drama, artistically analyzed ") and a new creation "View From Masada". "I was ready to go, treated her mind. I had a lot of ideas,I have a very long wanted to express on the album. This time it was done more carefully.

 I knew what I wanted, I knew that go up higher, " As for the lyrics, it became even deeper meaning in comparison with the debut of seventeen songs. " View From Masada "-. A huge dose of exciting detailed sagas ,which are no way inferior to the classical literature. For example, in the song "Last Supper" Priest reproduces the story of the last diet Christ, actualizing the immortal story of betrayal, giving it a creepy touch of modernity. With the song "When Will We Learn" Priest calls upon the people to improve, stop repeating self-destructive behavior,that cripple society. " For a long time I have cherished this song in my heart, - says Priest - We all have to change I know many people not one of my friends killed Here `s how :. Generation after generation do the same thing It`s like a vicious circle.. .. . " 

These songs are an example of a musical mission Priest, they show it the narrator ,invest in your creations are very important messages. " All creative people have a unique opportunity to become a preacher, to show people what is happening in reality. You can tell the world about what is happening in the ghetto and the ghetto of what life is like the world. You`re something like a connecting element between two worlds. It is important to convey to the people somethingsomething essential.

 I would not be doing this if I had nothing to say. " As for the music, this album is different from what is used to listen to lovers of raw oriental style. This time the Priest joins his intellectual lyrics with club beats. Track " View From Masada. "- a clear confirmation Priest opens the listener `s soul. The same can be said about the song "I`m Wit That". "I `m talking about what I think, I do it as I see fit. I`m not saying that I do not repeat myself. This time everything was done in the studio.

 I did not write all of their texts at home. I was listening to a minus, then walked in the studio, where he would sit for hours. " For the most part the album was produced by Just Blaze and Wiz.This time the music was chosen to taste of the performer. "I used to read out over the bits that are chosen by someone else - explains Priest -. If it was a song Gza, it was a bit, he liked Sunz -. It is a whole team of people, and everyone has their own opinion I MC that. likes to read a bit faster. I can touch a lot, reading quickly. " meditatingStudying, developing intellectually, Priest wrote a new chapter in their musical career. " The response to this album is extraordinary. I`m going to shock people. They will be shocked, but useless to resist.

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