Iran Barkley

 American professional boxer, speaking in the middle weight categories. The world champion in the middle (WBC version, 1988-1989) , 2 nd medium (IBF version, 1992-1993) and light heavyweight (WBA version, 1992) weight categories. Top boxer abroad 1980-1990 - ies. He made his debut in December 1982. Early in his career has suffered 3 defeats.

In October 1987, he came to a fight for the vacant world title at middleweight by the WBA against Shumba Calamba. Barkley lost on points.

In June 1988, Barkly stepped into the ring against world renowned middleweight champion by the WBC Thomas Hearns. Barkley unexpectedly knocked out the opponent in the 3rd round. Boy received the status of " apset the Year" by the magazine " The Ring. "

In February 1989, Barkley defended his title against another famous boxer - Roberto Duran. Duran, who had himself been knocked out Hearns, was not the favorite in the fight.However, Durant got into open battle and won a split decision. The bout got the status of " Fight of the Year " by versiizhurnala " Ring ".

In August 1989, Barclay met the undefeated world champion at middleweight, IBF Michael Nunn. Nunn won by a majority vote of the judges.In August 1990, Barkley came out against middleweight champion for minor WBO Title Nigel Benn. Benn KOs opponent in the 1st round. Then Barkley rose in the 2nd Welterweight.

In January 1991, Barkley knocked the world champion in the 2nd middleweight champion, IBF Darrin Van Horn. Then he went up to light heavyweight. In March 1992, Barkley was reunited with Thomas Hearns, who was the world champion in the light heavyweight title by the WBA. Barkley won a split decision, after which he returned in the 2nd middle weight.

In February 1993 Goa Barkley entered the ring against undefeated James Toney. Toney beat the enemy. Between 10 th and 11-Round the corner Barkley refused to continue the fight. After that, Barkley took off again at light heavyweight.

In October 1994, Barkley lost in Germany, undefeated world champion in the light heavyweight division, IBF German Henry Maske.

In the mid -1990s, Barkley played in the 1st heavy weight, and at the end of the 1990s, rose in heavy weight. In June 1997, he managed to knock out former world heavyweight champion Jerry Coetzee.

In June 1999, Barkly lost former world cruiserweight champion Trevor Berbick.

At the end of Barkley `s career has suffered 6 defeats in a row. After the final defeat in July 1999, he retired from boxing

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