Iradj Moini

  •  Year of birth : 1989
  • Age: 26 years
  • Place of birth : New York, USA
  • Citizenship : United States

Museum rarity by Iraj Moini

American jewelery brand `Iradj Moini` found its admirers in the face of Sarah Jessica Parker (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Oprah (Oprah), among other stars.Founder `Iradj Moini`, designer Iraj Moini, started making jewelry in New York City (New York) from 1989. His jewels are exhibited in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in 2006. This collection of jewelry was in private use Iris Barrel Apfel (Iris Barrel Apfel). Besides,Moini works were also shown at the exhibition `Trop Exhibit` in the Louvre (Louvre), and in the permanent collection of the museum, there are three unique gizmos made Moini hands.

His own gallery in boutique Iraj format opened in the spring of 2007, to demonstrate the luxury collection of semi-precious jewelry. All jewelry brand `Iradj Moini` - handmade, brass and copper wire with imported natural precious stones or` steklyannymi`. Creation Moini perfectly combined with each other, but the most favorite reception of the designer - part -transformers. brand products `Iradj Moini` regularly covered in various journals of high fashion. Prior to the opening of the business Moini responsible for the design of jewelry for Oscar de la Renta (Oscar De La Renta) and accumulated enough experience in the field of architecture. Today Iraj works are exhibited worldwide and bought by the most famous collectors

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