Carolina Amato

 Carolina Amato` - American fashion label specializing in various kinds of accessories ; It was created by American designer Carolina Amato (Carolina Amato) and bears her name for more than 30 years.

Education and a Bachelor of Fine Arts Amato got in the walls of the University of Ohio (Ohio University);at the time of the designer `s career, it is not particularly thought - a woman as much more attracted the artist`s career. To some extent it determined the further fate of the origin - Carolina came from a family of Italian textile manufacturers. So, Amato learned to expertly work on my grandmother`s sewing machine ;create new clothes with their hands over her like - Amato and soon realized that she had found the deal of his life.

Many beginning designers prefer to comprehend the practical secrets of his chosen profession as an apprentice a more experienced designer ; Amato, however, decided not to waste time and immediately set up his own company. Start-up capital Carolina borrowed from her husband ; however, regret that he never had - the brainchild of Amato is now known all over the world.

Products c label `Carolina Amato` sold in the country `s largest retail chains - like ` Neiman Marcus`, `Anthropologie`,` Lord & Taylor` and `Saks Fifth Avenue`.Buyers pretty quickly appreciated by traditional Italian craftsmanship, which made the proposed Amato accessories.

For almost 20 years, Amato is the Council of Fashion Designers of America (Council of Fashion Designers of America); among other things, it is the responsibility of the Council Scholarship Committee ,engaged in sponsoring the education of young and promising designers.

In his spare time designing new collections Amato engaged in cooking and spending time with family and friends - or at home on Long Island (Long Island), or on the ski resorts of Vermont (Vermont), or in Italy.The label `Carolina Amato` at the moment is one of the fashion accessories legislators both in America and abroad. Branded gloves, hats and scarves from Amato can be found in the most expensive and reputable shops in England (England), Japan (Japan), Canada (Canada) and South Korea (South Korea). Among accessories Amato, by the way ,It is not limited to - so, in 2010 the world was introduced her new collection of cashmere sweaters.

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