Camilla Dietz Bergeron

 Rate jewelery brand `Camilla Dietz Bergeron` everyone can ,who understands the true meaning of the word ` shik`. The founder of the brand Camilla Dietz Bergeron (Camilla Dietz Bergeron) and its business partner, Gus Davis (Gus Davis) have dedicated the last 16 years the development of the company, which buys and sells antiques and makes jewelry.

Elegantly decorated jeweler on MadisonAvenue creates a wonderful atmosphere where each client slowly gets acquainted with a vast collection of unique jewelry. Long search special engagement ring, unusual cufflinks or a special gift on the occasion of the anniversary will succeed, one has only to pay attention to `Camilla Dietz Bergeron`.

Recognisingthe role played by jewelry, when a person is trying to succeed in the professional and social circles, Camilla offers a variety of jewelry, covering a huge range of prices. Offered jewelry brands such as `Van Cleef & Arpels`,` Cartier`, `Flato`,` Schlumberger` and `Mauboussin`, have their own intrinsic value ,but Camilla and Gus focused in its work on the fact that the client finally received jewelry that would surpass all his expectations.

Basically, Bergeron and Davis prefer jewelry delights the late 19th and 20th centuries, with a special emphasis on the Edwardian and Art Deco periods and retro. Davis - an expert on colored stones, such as fine Burmese rubies, Kashmir and Burmese sapphires and emeralds Colombian. His keen eye and subtle flair helped to choose a diamond ring and a necklace of emeralds for Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Taylor),she gave Richard Burton (Richard Burton) on the set of ` Kleopatry` (` Cleopatra`).

Bergeron to the success of its brand already had a wealth of experience in the jewelry environment, being a founding partner of the corporation `Furman Selz Mager Dietz & Birney Inc.`. She says : `. .. I love the challenge, to start something new and watchconcerned as growing and starts tsvesti`.

Camilla is actively involved in numerous organizations, including `The Committee of 200`, which brings together many prominent women in the business world ; she is busy and jewelers society `Society of Jewelry Historians`, and Vanderbilt University (Vanderbilt University).Through this activity Bergeron was able to collect extensive customer network.

As both the natives of southern families, Camilla and Gus decided to combine their efforts when Camilla had just started my own business, and Gus worked in the jewelry department of the corporation `Sotheby`. Camilla was born in Covington, Georgia (Covington, Georgia),and it was one of the two children in the family. She graduated from Vanderbilt University and moved to New York (New York), wishing to pursue a career in finance. Gus grew up in High Point, North Carolina (High Point, North Carolina). His parents were the owners of the cafe. As a child, Gus liked to go to a local pawn shop ;in school and college years, he worked part time at a local jewelry store.

After the birth of a successful jewelry tandem Bergeron and Davis decided to expand its brand `Camilla Dietz Bergeron`, manufacture a product of their own. They began to work with international suppliers and stonecutters. First of all,jewelry brand - a variation on the works of the legendary masters, but with the inevitable addition of a particular style of Camille and Gus. On the essence of my creative endeavors in the jewelry world Camilla said : ` I love to find one-of -a-kind product - the pearl in the oyster. .. Chic - it`s not some kind of a formula ; Chic has shik`

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